The D.R.I.P. Performance Improvement Process

Objective; Execute our leadership (D.R.I.P.™) curriculum with all leaders/key employees in your company/organization.

Focus; in three key areas

  1. Leadership – How to Lead With Impact

The lessons focused on leadership will give each person what they need to know and what they need to do in order to more effectively lead their team

  1. Professionalism – How to Act Like A Pro

When our leaders possess the skills and knowledge so they can help develop a level of professionalism within their crew great things can happen.

  1. Performance – How to Perform At Your Best

Developing our workforce to perform at their best on a daily basis can have an immediate impact on success both at a company level and on a personal level.


Through a laser-focused leadership (D.R.I.P.™) curriculum designed to pull each leader through the three areas of focus outlined above. Including, but not limited to text and email channels, participants will receive consistent messages that drive specific results.

Throughout the year each leader-in-training will receive 48 micro-lessons (four per month) that will zero in on street-smart principles and best leadership practices.


Individuals who communicate more effectively with the people they lead and report to

Individuals who raise the bar on their own performance as well as others

Leaders who build a culture of direction, responsibility, integrity and productivity

When we can give our leaders and their crews what they need to know and what they need to do in order to be successful, great things can happen.

For more information on the D.R.I.P. Performance Improvement Process for Leaders or for the Success D.R.I.P. for Apprentices reach out to Nic at 405-818-6552