nic bittle familty

Nic Bittle is the founder of Work Force Pro and works with contractors that want to prepare and develop their workforce to lead with impact, act like a pro, and perform at their best on a daily basis. He does this in a variety of different ways. Through presentations and workshops, through tools that he has developed which are designed to support the learning process, and through a unique information delivery system called D.R.I.P. Information™. He is the architect of 2 performance improvement process curriculums, that use the D.R.I.P. Information™ process that is specifically designed to prepare and develop our current and next-generation work force for the roles and responsibilities that lie ahead. Nic is the author of four books, Small Business, BIG Mistakes, Perform Like the Boss!, Good Foreman; Bad Foreman and Know This, Do That.

Why Nic?

Some may think that Nic is a little old fashioned.  Nic recently moved his wife and two children back to the farm in Corn, Oklahoma.  You see, Nic still believes that it is the parents job to teach their children accountability, and when your kids are growing up on Starbucks and iPads accountability tends to be in short supply.  When you take a young man or woman that has not been held accountable and place them on a job site this can make a tough situation for a foreman with a deadline.

Nic believes that a strong work ethic is not something one develops by wishing on a falling star, but instead through the blood, sweat, and tears of pushing yourself further than you thought possible.  One of the problems with our emerging workforce is that many of them have had too many of the luxuries in life just handed to them.  This scenario can make for a frustrating work environment for our leaders on our job sites.

Nic also believe that a persons handshake should be worth more than their signature.  One of the problems with some of the young people in this country is that this belief has become a thing of the past.  Our young people are taught today by society to say and do what you must to cover your tail.  Some of them believe that if it is not illegal then it is not wrong.  This flawed thinking is eroding the very values this great country were founded on and it is jeopardizing the success of many companies and organizations across the nation.

Nic cares about the success of our workforce and he has developed a system and a curriculum that will help fill in the gaps between the construction worker about to retire and the emerging construction worker stepping up to hopefully fill his or her shoes.