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Programs That Nic Offers

A Foreman’s Field Guide To Developing Your Workforce

What Smart Leaders are Doing to Develop Their Workforce

When we can develop a group of individuals to perform like a team great things can happen. In A Foreman’s Field Guide to Developing Your Workforce, Nic will walk your foremen and supervisors through how to develop their team for long-term success.  As natural mentors on the jobsite it is up to the Foremen and Supervisors to develop their crew to be the next leaders of the industry.

In this program your Supervisor/Foreman will learn:

  • The 4 Core Competencies lacking in most of the workforce entering the industry today.
  • How to develop those competencies within your team while on the job.
  • How to develop each team member so that everyone communicates on a higher level.
  • The tips, tricks, tactics, and techniques a foreman and/or supervisor must master to effectively lead in today’s market.

Duration ½ Day

Perform Like The Boss

What Smart Contractors are Doing to Develop the Next Generation Sheet Metal Worker

In Nic’s program Perform Like The Boss, Nic will walk you through what he has discovered is the main difference between the exiting sheet metal worker and the emerging sheet metal worker.  He will share with you what the smart contractors are doing to develop the next generation sheet metal worker that will give them an edge over their competition.

In this program you will learn:

  • The 4 Core Competencies lacking in most of the workforce entering the industry today.
  • The necessary steps (how and when) one must take to develop these 4 core competencies within the workforce.
  • Why traditional teaching styles are not effective on todays emerging workforce.
  • The one critical change a contractor must first make before beginning the process of developing their workforce to perform like the boss.

Duration ½ Day

Digging Deep Into The Joint Apprenticeship Training Program

In this program Nic will walk you through the experience of the development of the Apprenticeship Professional Development Curriculum.  Nic will discuss the detailed insights and outcomes that were uncovered during the development of this curriculum.  During this process Nic interviewed a wide range of apprentices, journeymen, and foremen and dove deep into the wants and needs of todays construction worker.  Nic also interviewed a wide range of key supervisors and management to get their perspective along with the perspective of class instructors and the individual contractors.  When all the different pieces of this information came together it created for some exciting insights into the direction that todays apprentice needs to be taken.  From this information Nic developed a pilot semester program where he worked with 4 years of apprentices in a group setting and individually.  After reviewing the results of the apprenticeship program assessment and the results of the pilot semester Nic developed the current Apprenticeship Professional Development Curriculum.

This is a great program for Nic to share with the management and labor leadership.  You will leave with what you need to do and what you need to know to implement an Apprenticeship Professional Development Curriculum of your own.

Be the Best!

What every apprentice must know to perform at their best on a daily basis

In Nic’s program Be The Best your audience will walk along with Nic as he digs deep into the 4 core competencies that he teaches in his offering Professional Development for the Apprentice.

In this keynote/workshop Nic will work with your audience to uncover many of the tips and tricks that he has discovered within the 4 core competencies. Some of what your audience will learn includes:

  • How to deal with difficult people
  • How to manage and minimize the #1 point of stress an apprentice will face
  • How to get anyone to like you
  • How to become a valuable resource to any organization
  • The one difference between those who will make it in this business and those who will not

This program is a must for all apprentices and will give them what they need to know and what they need to do in order to be successful in the construction industry.