Do you think commenting on blog posts is easy?

Do you think you can make 40-50 useful comments in a day?

Oh Yeah !! you are right. you can make too many comments in a day and can get the backlinks.

But have you ever think about what are you commenting? How this comment is going to help the writer?

Is your comment relevant?

I know your answer is a big NO.

Commenting is getting backlinks, and this is the easiest thing in blogging who almost all newbies love to do. But have you ever think about how you can comment like a PRO. How other bloggers are so strong in commenting that they make the article more strong.

All these questions were also running in my mind until came through an article where the writer told about how to comment like a pro.

Commenting is adding the value in Article.

The First question is why commenting?

For you commenting can be only the way to get quality dofollow backlinks. but have you ever noticed that how the bloggers in west countries comment?

Commenting can give you identity

Yes, you are reading right. commenting can really give you identity from the big crowd. When you will be active on any big blog then very soon you will be noticed by the blog owner that this person is very active and adds value in my articles.

Many blogs these days have Top Commenter widget on its sidebar which can give you more identity if you are in the top list of commenters.

Business Opportunity

You can get good business by doing commenting because you will be noticed by other niche bloggers and they can hire you for your service. So commenting for Article Writers, Theme Designer and  Online Service Providers can be very helping.

How to Comment like a PRO?

Be Interactive

Being interactive is the key ingredients of the good commenting. Respect the fellow bloggers and try to resolve more and more queries. because a visitor will engage with you only if you are able to resolve his/her queries.

Use Correct Grammar

Using correct grammar is one of the most effective ways to get noticed in the crowd. Many of the bloggers these days are teenage bloggers and they don’t have good writing skills. If you are using correct sentences and words while commenting on other blogs, the author is going to notice you for sure.

You can use Grammarly to do the task for you. This grammar and punctuation checker tool will help you to correct all your mistakes when you write. Grammarly coupons are available in the market which you can use to avail some heavy discount on the subscription.

Add More Value

Adding value in the article should be the main purpose of your commenting. To comment like a pro you have to be more creative and more interactive. always try to add maximum value in the comment and never write any comment less than 100 words.

Talk to the Point

Never try to talk on the points which are out of the topic. This will not only make you an idiot but the other blogger will not be happy with the points. if anyone is asking any question out of the topic then better to talk with him personally and avoid commenting there.

Never Argue

If someone is in arguing mood then you better stay calm and try to calm him/her also. Because this little argument can break many online relations of you and finally you will end up with feeling guilty.

Never try to Sell

We as start-up bloggers have a habit to sell our things to each and everyone whoever comes in our way. SO never try to push your product on other people. Finally, I would like to say that if you are ready to follow these points then you can comment like a pro very soon.