What does someone need to Know and what do they need to Do in order to build a successful career?
Know This, Do That is the field guide for every individual starting a career who wants to put ideas into action and make them stick.

Act Like A Pro
There has never been a better time to work in the trades. Your future is in your hands and you get to choose how successful you want to become. Your future is bright and your potential is unlimited.
Perform At Your Best
The decisions you make and the steps you take each and every day will take you where you want to go. This book is a proven, time-tested volume of wisdom, strategies and ideas that can make your career.
You will discover:
 -what it takes to make it in your trade,
-how to eliminate career mistakes and missteps,
 -the critical skills necessary for success, and
 -what attributes will increase your earning power.

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